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The Jamaica Nice. community expanded its support for access to sports training and mentorship for women and took music education for Jamaican youth to the USA.

Part proceeds from every sale of Jamaica Nice. clothing and accessories supports youth music education and employment training. Indeed, Jamaica Nice. is more than just a name. Our focus is on youth music education and employment training but we also are proud of our special partnership with Girls Skate Jamaica.

Our longstanding relationship with the Alpha School of Music in Kingston took a significant step in 2023 when, in cooperation with Supernova International Ska Festival and Alpha Boys School Radio, Jamaica Nice. co-sponsored travel for three Alpha School of Music staff and an Alpha student to attend the festival in Virginia, USA. The visit was an opportunity for staff to meet current and new supporters and a current student to gain first hand experience in festival production and performance (link to the full story). We are particularly pleased to report that a new supporter who discovered Alpha at the festival made a donation to underwrite the salary of a full time music teacher at Alpha for two years.

Jamaica Nice also sponsored public outreach for the Alpha School of Music and continued its lead sponsorship of Alpha Boys School Radio (, a 24/7 streaming radio station. The radio sponsorship helps Alpha connect with over 50,000 unique listeners and supporters every month (click for details).

alpha boys school radio
Every song has at least 1 graduate on the track. Click to listen.

Our support for music education also grew in 2023 to include a partnership with the Jamaica Best School Band Competition (details), teacher training workshops for primary school teachers in Negril with local partner Cornerstone Jamaica and launching a drumming program at Kingston’s Allman Town Primary in cooperation with International Proxy Parent.

Outside of music, our partnership with Girls Skate Jamaica keeps going from strength to strength. GSJ is creating safe and inclusive environments for females to practice skateboarding and had great access is providing instruction and mentorship. Jamaica Nice. is please to support GSJ (click for details) and we were honoured to be able to feature members of Girls Skate Jamaica in our promotional content.

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