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  • Brittany Jackson

Jamaica Nice. Co-Sponsors Jamaica Best School Band School Visit

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Jamaica Nice. is proud to join the Jamaica's Best School Band (JBSB) School Tour as a co-sponsors for its visit to Papine High School. On Monday, December 4, the school grounds were buzzing with excitement when JBSB Director Rayven Amani and band leader Oral Brown met with the Papine High school band, aka The Soursop Band. In addition to providing feedback to the band, Papine students and staff learned about the 2024 competition and received crucial feedback from music professionals.

JBSB founder and creative director, Rayven Armani expressed that she was very happy to see the students so excited.

“It's important to do the school tour and go into schools,” said Amani, “because we are putting emphasis on music education so what better place to talk about the competition than the place of learning. We also use the opportunity to invite professional musicians to assist with grooming the bands, passing on valuable insights, and information that they can use in their performance or in their careers after school.”

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Oral Brown (L) of Black Soil Band with Papine High drummer Ajorrey Evans (R).

Oral Brown, drummer for Tarrus Riley’s Black Soil Band, attended the Papine High School event and gave feedback on the overall band performance and individual performance. Students welcomed the experience and said they hope the Jamaica Best School Band Competition can help them achieve their career goals in music.

Ajorrey Evans highlighted that the JBSB Competition “is a great opportunity for exposure as there will be many artistes and instrumentalists that hopefully If I do good, they will notice.”

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Papine High School's Soursop Band performing.

Jamaica’s Best School Band is an inter-high school stage band mentorship programme and competition, featuring high schools from across Jamaica. The bands are taken through four rounds - preliminary round, quarter finals, semi-finals and finals - of performances to ultimately be awarded the title Jamaica's Best School Band along with cash prizes and other gifts. Jamaica Nice. and March for Music Education are proud partners of JBSB Season 11 which will begin in March 2024.

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