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Ska Nice! Alpha Goes Supernova.

This past Sept 14-17, Jamaica Nice. partnered with Supernova International Ska Festival to send a music student and staff from the Alpha School of Music to Virginia in the USA for the festival. Among ska musicians from Mexico, Japan, the UK, Australia, Chile and the United States, Alpha School of Music student Neon Witter, Senior Music Instructor Clayon Samuels and Alpha Administrator Margaret Little Wilson joined performers Stranger Cole and Sister Nancy as the other special invited guests from Jamaica.

Neon Witter said his Supernova experience was life changing. “Observing live sound production overseas was a transformative experience,” he said. “It also reinforced that live sound production is an essential component of entertainment, responsible for elevating live events to unforgettable experiences.”

“Supernova was inspiring,” said Alpha Administrator Margaret Little Wilson. “Supernova did a great job highlighting the legacy of music excellence that Alpha alumni are known for. The experience we had at the festival will certainly inspire current students to live up to those standards, or even surpass them. Many thanks to Jamaica Nice. for our visit possible!”

Part proceeds from the sale of every Jamaica Nice. top and accessory supports the community. Jamaica Nice. funds music scholarships for tertiary students, workshops and educational experiences for Jamaicans at the high school and college level, teaching residencies for foreign music educators at schools in Jamaica and international exchanges for students and teachers. Click for our latest activities.




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