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Meet Jordan Moncrieffe - The Inaugural 2021-2022 Music Nice Scholarship Recipient

Jamaica Nice donates a portion of every sale to music education and employment training. Many thanks to all Jamaica Nice retailers, customers and supporters! You make this possible #yesjamaicanice!

Meet Jordan Moncrieffe, the 2021-2022 Music Nice Scholarship recipient at the Alpha School of Music, Jamaica's only tertiary level program focused on ensemble performance. Funded by Jamaica Nice, the Music Nice Scholarship sponsors tuition, fees and vocational mentoring for a past Alpha Boys School student who has been accepted to the Alpha School of Music - Associate Degree programme.

“I am excited about the Associate Degree programme at Alpha in particular because I will learn more about music performance and technology and Alpha offers a safe and naturally beautiful campus - it is an inspiring space to be creative."

Jordan is 24 years old and a resident of Kingston, Jamaica. He learned to play the trombone in 2014 when he started music trade training classes at the Alpha Institute trade training program. To develop himself Jordan also joined the Eagles Marching band while attending Alpha Institute. Within a year he was playing competently and invited to join the Alpha Institute senior band, an amazing accomplishment for a first-year player. In 2016, Jordan was one of three Alpha band members to travel to London, England for educational workshops and performances including a memorable one in front of 20,000 people at the House of Common Festival alongside Billboard-charting ska band Madness, the host and headlining act.

Jordan says the Associate Degree programme at the Alpha School of Music is part of a larger plan to become a well rounded professional musician. “I am very grateful to Jamaica Nice. I need further studies in music education because I am currently not musically adaptable to work in every work setting that may come my way,” Moncrieffe says.

“Many thanks to March for Music Education as well as Jamaica Nice for making this possible,” said Gay Magnus, Band Master at the Alpha School of Music. “Jordan has demonstrated his serious interest in being a musician and is ready to take the next step. From his time in the Alpha trade training programme until now he has been diligent about creating music opportunities for himself and the scholarship to the Associate Degree in Music Performance at the Alpha School of Music will significantly improve Jordan’s employability.”



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