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Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Jamaica Nice Sponsors Meet And Greet For Youth Musicians In Bull Bay

What do a surf camp run by a Rastafarian family and a vocational school for music run by a Roman Catholic order of nuns have in common... (Photos by @oneishsackwilmot @the.oglifestyle )

The Alpha Institute, operated by the Sisters of Mercy, and Jamnesia Surf Camp founded by Billy 'Mystic' Wilmot, have the honour of being among the few places in Kingston where youth can access valuable music performance skills. With support from the sale of the Jamaica Nice Limited Edition Sunset Collection, Jamaica Nice is pleased to be able to bring them together for the first time.

One might assume, since Jamaica is home to internationally successful genres like reggae, ska and dancehall, that music education is readily accessible, right? Unfortunately, access to youth music education is surprisingly hard to find. Even in Kingston, high school music programmes are few and far between. And at those that do offer music training, instructors may not be trained for the position.

The Alpha School of Music is Jamaica’s only tertiary programme focused on band performance and Alpha's vocational music training for at-risk youth is known worldwide for having launched the careers of jazz innovators, ska pioneers and reggae icons. For more information please visit the Alpha online at

Jamnesia’s live music series, called Pon Di Bench, has been a crucial platform for up and coming creatives for years. No-Maddz, Jah 9, Protoje are just a few acts who have benefited from the opportunity. ]Jamnesia’s founder, Billy Wilmot, says access to performance spaces is essential to provide “promising acts a platform to at least better themselves”. For more information about the next performance please visit the Jamnesia Surf IG page here.

This is why Jamaica Nice is proud to work with Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay and the Alpha School of Music in Kingston to present the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, an opportunity for young people in the Bull Bay community to learn from music professionals how to turn their passion for music into a music career.

Produced in partnership with Steve Urchin Wilson, a veteran music executive with over 20 years in artist management, tour logistics, brand development and event promotion, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop was hosted by bandleader and educator Inilek Wilmot and featured special guest, Clayon Samuels, Senior Music Instructor at the Alpha School of Music.

“It was a unique chance for young musicians and youth interested in music to meet, greet and jam with the pros,” said Wilson, whose Sunset Collection collaboration with Jamaica Nice helped make the event possible. Click here for the Sunset Collection on the Jamaica Nice Etsy page.

“There are so many opportunities for young Jamaican musicians in music. We need to work harder to connect youth with the tools and skills to take advantage of them.” - Steve Wilson, Music Executive

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop was a vibe!” said Clayon Samuels. “Jamaica is known for its music worldwide and if we want to maintain that we will need to do more for youth music education. Jamnesia and Jamaica Nice deserve a real big up and on behalf of the Alpha School of Music we are here to assist young men and women who want to turn their passion for music into a career in music.”

“As a young, aspiring musician in Bull Bay I never had the kinds of opportunities musically that young people do today,” said Inilek Wilmot, guitarist and host of the activity at Jamnesia. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop gave kids clear next steps for their music education and music career.”

“Making music education a part of our lives is hard enough, let alone a music career,” said Imani Wilmost, co organizer of the event. “Jamaica is fortunate to have so many talented young people and they can do so much for Jamaica if given the chance and the support through music education. Jamnesia is committed to youth music education and we are grateful to Jamaica Nice for its support.”

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