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June 1st All Roads Lead To Super Heavy Wednesdays At Jangas Sound Bar

Super Heavy Wednesdays, where creatives link up and futurists party to the sounds of reggae and afrobeat, is where Leno Banton, DJ Luke and Shae Osbourne will bring a special mix of lyrics, music and dance on June 1st.

Rooted in reggae and based in the Duhaney Park area of Kingston, Leno Banton (born Donell Spaulding on October 13, 1996) son of 80s dancehall deejay, Burro Banton, uses melody and a raggamuffin aesthetic to fuse Jamaican reggae with hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, and afrobeat. Leno’s latest project, 'The Loverman EP,' features a blend of engaging, dance friendly tracks like the breakout "Brown Sugar,” as well as "Wata Baby," and "Texty".

Shae Osbourne is a Kingston based dancer and choreographer with numerous video and performance credits. DJ Luke is a selector, producer and musician who will bring all his talents to Super Heavy Wednesdays.

Download Leno Banton's "Brown Sugar - Jamaica Nice Dubplate Special" ...

Connect with Leno Banton on IG here

Connect with DJ Luke on IG here

Connect with Shae Osbourne on IG here


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