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  • George

Cruise Out. Di Crew's Out.

All roads lead to the debut community skate event organized by Girls Skate Jamaica with support from Jamaica Nice.

Jamaica Nice. is glad to continue its support for the Girls Skate Jamaica initiative with sponsorship of the Cruise Out, Di Crew's Out community skate activity in Kingston, Jamaica.

The first time planning a trip on the road was a vibe! We started up high in Stony Hill before heading to the beachside Freedom Skate Park in Bull Bay.

Enjoy these snapshots of Di Crew by @petebengtheory ...

Part proceeds from every sale of Jamaica Nice clothing and accessories also supports youth music education and employment training. Since 2018, Jamaica Nice has funded music tuition scholarships for tertiary students, supported music workshops and educational experiences for Jamaicans at the high school and college level, donated equipment and sponsored international exchanges for music students and teachers.



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