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Explore, Wander and Discover Main Street Jamaica with Travel Club JA

Kayy, Monique, Shanice, Tashae, Britt and Kryssy show you the best of Jamaica--all in one place!

The Travel Club JA (@travelclubja) makes it their mission to enjoy the best of Jamaica, and share the experiences on their vlog. The six friends’ islandwide adventures captured on Kayy Moodie’s YouTube channel have helped visitors and locals fall in love with Jamaica all over again. "The beauty of the island shines through in who we are and what we do as Jamaicans,” says Kayy Moodie, “From the tasty foods we make, to the people we meet and the natural surroundings we have. Falling in love with Jamaica is easy."

The girls found that Main Street Jamaica in the Rose Hall district outside Montego Bay makes it even easier.

“I love to eat and Main Street Jamaica is a foodie’s oasis!" said Kayy Moodie. "Today was the first time I could have Scotchies jerk chicken - breast and wing, my favourite Sub-Zero latte at Cafe Blue and Devon House Rocky Road ice cream all in the same place."

Main Street Jamaica in the Rose Hall district outside Montego Bay brings together Jamaica’s beloved food and culture -- and of course shopping! -- all in one place.

As with street corners in communities across the island, there are many things happening all at once. The music, the street art, the rum shop and the games are crucial to the experience. If you haven't played dominoes in Jamaica with Jamaicans you need to come back! Put it all together and it's easy to make a day of it at Main Street Jamaica.

Around each corner is an IG-worthy mural hand painted by some of Jamaica's best loved muralists and visual artists. "Gorgeous!", " Amazing!", " Vibrant!" and "Truly appreciated!" are how the girls describe artwork by Nurse, Bug Art, Joshua Solas and Amanda Robinson, to name just a few.

Whether you come for the shopping or stay for the food, or come for the art and stay for the games, or … well, you get the point!... all roads lead to Main Street Jamaica. Don’t forget, visit Travel Club JA on IG for more ways to wander and discover Jamaica like they do.


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