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New, Limited Edition 'Sunset Collection' Supports Seaside Music Education

We are pleased to introduce the new limited edition Jamaica Nice Sunset Collection -- a special collaboration between Jamaica Nice and Steve ‘Urchin’ Wilson. Photos by Oneil Grant @the.oglifestyle.

The Wilmot family and friends at Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay

Whether on the hill or in the valley, at the river or Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay, the sunset is one of Jamaica's most recognizable and sought after features. The Jamaica Nice Limited Edition Sunset Collection shares the same qualities and also won't be around forever.

Jamaica Nice retailers are taking pre orders until Nov 15 and shirts will be in stores Nov 17. Every purchase supports music education and Jamaica Nice is especially grateful to partner with the Jamnesia family which will host music appreciation sessions during Reggae Month in February of 2022 sponsored by proceeds from the Sunset Collection.

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Jamnesia Surf Camp was founded by Billy ‘Mystic’ Wilmot and his wife Maggie Wilmot in the 8 Mile community of Bull Bay, east of Kingston. In addition to hosting a popular bed and breakfast for international surfers and visitors seeking the open air vibe, the Wilmot’s support for youth surfing, skateboarding and music made Jamnesia a driving force in Jamaican sports and music. From the largest surf event in the English-speaking Caribbean, to some of the first live events ever organized for now familiar music acts like Protoje, No-Maddz and Jah 9, Jamnesia and the Wilmot family and friends made it happen. We are honoured to be able to support the music activities at Jamnesia with the new Sunset Collection.

The Sunset Collection is a collaboration between Jamaica Nice and Steve 'Urchin' Wilson, a long time arts and culture industry insider with an eye for impactful visual statements (his recent book, Look Down (2020), is a collection of visual statements from decades traveling the world with Jamaican artists). “The Jamaica Nice design says a lot without saying a lot," says Wilson. "And now it says it in colour which is so important because we surrounded by the most colourful, naturally beautiful landscape in the world. That’s Jamaica Nice.”

Look good. Do Good.



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