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Soundsystem Culture 101: A Stepping Stone For Youth

Tony Myers of Jam One International says sound system culture is an opportunity for youth to learn marketable skills.

Tony Myers' sound system credentials are very good. Founder of Jam One International, a top sound in Kingston, Director of Jam One Sound & Innovation in Kingston where serious sound system operators send their boxes for tuning, and co founder of the Jamaica Sound System Federation, a registered non-profit industry organization serving the needs of sound system owners and operators. Myers says the sound system is more than just entertainment, its a training ground for young talent.

"For kids not so fortunate to get a good education I can tell you the sound system is a very good stepping stone because you can learn all the trades."

Watch below as Tony Myers introduces the history and purpose of sound system culture in Jamaica. From making their own speakers to creating the foundation of Jamaica's music industry, the sound system is at the centre of music and entertainment.

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