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Music Nice. Scholarship at The Alpha School of Music in Kingston

The Music Nice. Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition and professional mentorship for a past student who has been admitted to the new Associate Degree in Music Performance.

The award means the recipient will be able to focus on his studies rather than having to figure out how he will be able to pay for his studies. On behalf of the Alpha community, we give thanks for Jamaica Nice. retail partners and customers who made this possible. For details about the Associate Degree in Music Performance.

There has been growing interest in sustainable, community-oriented brands and Jamaica Nice. ticks all the boxes. Music is an important part of the Kerry Man Woman Home Experience and we are thrilled to be able to connect our patrons with the inspiring youth music education mission of Jamaica Nice.” - Kerry-Ann Clark, Kerry Man Woman Home

The Music Nice. award supports a past student of the Alpha Institute or the Alpha Boys School who has been accepted to the Associate Degree programme at the Alpha School of Music, Jamaica’s only tertiary level music programme focused on ensemble performance. In addition to underwriting tuition for the 2021-2022 school year, and as part of the award activities, the March for Music Education will facilitate mentorship with an international music industry professional who will be specially selected based on the career goals of the award recipient.

Visual artist Deon Simone with her artwork at MAX BROWN INTERNATIONAL.

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As Jamaicans, music is a part of the fabric of all of our lives,” said Sophia Max-Brown of MAXBROWN INTERNATIONAL. “Jamaica Nice. appeals to all ages and its a great way to get the community engaged.”

Jamaica Nice. is committed to youth music education and employment training. Part proceeds from every sale underwrite youth music education activities. Since 2019, March for Music Education and Jamaica Nice have worked on a variety of activities including workshops for secondary and tertiary students in Jamaica, teaching residencies in Jamaica for music educators overseas and international professional development opportunities for young musicians in Jamaica and their instructors.

Rohan Scott of The Street Supply Co. says the music education activities supported by Jamaica Nice. is much needed. “Music and entertainment does not have the same structure as other disciplines,” says Scott. “The attention Jamaica Nice is bringing to music and music education is priceless and The Street Supply Co which has been working in the creative space for years is a ready partner.

The more than a century-long leadership of the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica on behalf of music education is going from strength to strength and March For Music Education is honored to be a part of the effort. March for Music Education and Jamaica Nice wish to thank the support of Jamaica Nice customers and partners for making the Music Nice Scholarship gift possible.



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