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March for Music Education 2019 - Kingston Residency

George 'Spanky' McCurdy meet Kingston's music scene. Kingston, meet George.

The 2019 March for Music Education residency programme was presented by Jamaica Nice, Manifesto Jamaica, the C.H.O.R. Foundation and supporting partners in the local and international music community. The annual March for Music Education initiative is a catalyst for music education and employment training of young people, engaging musicians, record labels, management companies, and fans, in an international effort to create a community of support focused on developing the next generation of Jamaican musicians.

The 2019 March for Music Education Residency in Kingston is led by George 'Spanky' McCurdy. Spanky has toured with Ms. Lauryn Hill, Lady Gaga, Jill Scott, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and several other acclaimed international artists. Spanky gave workshops and masterclasses at the Alpha Institute, headlined a jam session and led a masterclass at Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts.

“Just being able to spend a week with the students at Alpha was amazing for me. I mean, it’s a privilege to be looked at for musical inspiration when in reality they’ve inspired me! Their hard work, dedication, focus and the support being built up around them...I hope I helped them enhance their skills, ability and the foundation they already have from the teachers and all the music that is in, and around Kingston. I also hope they know they’ve made me better from the love they showed me.” - Spanky



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