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Listen & Download. Kandy Man's Custom "Natural Mystic - Jamaica Nice" Dubplate.

Custom versions of reggae and dancehall songs have been a staple of Jamaican music for decades.

Kandi Man wears the Good Sound System tee from Jamaica Nice.

Customized songs, called dubplates, or specials, are generally versions of existing songs and modified by the vocalist to big up a person (like a soundsystem selector), a group of people (like a soundsystem), or, in this case, a clothing brand!

Kandi Man is a dubplate specialist and his custom recordings for soundsystems in Jamaica and out have helped many sounds to victory in the competitive, sound clash arena. Stream and download the dubplate special Kandi Man recorded for Jamaica Nice. For more original music visit

This is not the first dubplate, it still won't be the last, sound systems are always playin, jamming straight through the night, Jamaica Nice, a real paradise."


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