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Kingston Musicians, Get Your Band On! Jamaica Nice Is Supporting The Alpha Community Band.

Calling all woodwind and brass players! The 3rd season of the Alpha Community Band has started!

The Alpha Community Band at the Alpha School of Music is now in its 3rd season of providing an opportunity for wind and brass players to develop their craft in a supportive, welcoming environment. The first two seasons attracted dozens of musicians who joined weekly practices and season ending performances and helped to create a unique community along the way. Amateurs and professional brass and woodwind players are encouraged to contact the Alpha School of Music (876.618.2981 or 876.618.2982) for more information.

Wind and brass instruments are integral to Jamaican popular music, especially ska and reggae. During the 1970s and 80s Jamaica lost many wind and brass players to migration and brass music may have suffered the most. There has not been a specialist brass instructor based in Kingston since the 1980s. The Alpha Community Band is focused on strengthening brass musicianship and and creating an outlet for non-professional musicians for musical expression

Along with the German charity, HELP Jamaica!, Jamaica Nice is sponsoring weekly rehearsals, public outreach, equipment rental and administration of the band's activities. Jamaica Nice is pleased to be able to provide support to the Alpha Community Band in order to assist the Alpha School of Music in its efforts to:

  • increase the standard of brass and wind playing

  • raise the community’s expectations of musicians

  • provide players with training, performance experience and networking connections

  • expose music teachers to new wind and brass teaching methodologies

Practices are held Tuesdays 6pm-8:30pm in the courtyard at the Alpha School of Music.

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