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Jamaica Nice. and Deaf Can! Coffee: 1 Great Gift Idea, 2 Great Causes.

Double the enjoyment, double the community benefit. Make every morning Jamaica Nice while contributing to the development of music education and the deaf community.

Deaf Can! Coffee is crafted with 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and every bean is small-batch roasted to preserve its unique flavor until it reaches your cup. And now, Jamaica Nice will provide the cups!

Click here to select one or two coffee mugs from Jamaica Nice. and the 8oz or 16oz premium Peaberry coffee from Deaf Can! Coffee. Part proceeds from every purchase directly support employment training for the local deaf community and youth music education

A social enterprise established in 2015 to provide sustainable skills training to young Deaf people, Deaf Can Coffee has been stirring up a sensation in Jamaica with its rich, full flavour coffee found exclusively at Deaf Can Coffee locations and pop ups.

Place your order today!



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