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Freddie Chambers Needs Our Help

Uncle Freddie is a vocalist, music producer, the Kings Crown record label founder, agriculturalist, father, brother, owner of the award-winning Jamaica Nice bar in Liguanea and dear friend to many. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and needs assistance with meals, doctor visits and medications. We invite friends and family and supporters to make a donation toward his medical treatment and well being.


Freddie is only eating liquid foods and can no longer walk comfortably. Freddie's medical and nutritional needs are costing US$530/month on average in addition to specialist care such as a biopsy. Details about his medical and nutritional needs are below.


Donations may be made via PayPal and bank transfer. Our contact information is provided if you would like additional information.

Thank you!


Send a PayPal donation to Jamaica Nice. We will transfer it to Freddie.

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Send a wire transfer to Freddie's bank account in Jamaica. Please advise us by  email if a bank transfer is sent.


Send an email if you have any questions or suggestions.

Frederick Chambers

Scotia Bank

Liguanea Branch

A/c 653719

Type of account: savings

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Medical Needs

Doctors visits, medicine, transportation

Every time Freddie visits the doctor he has to pay JMD2,500 to see a doctor and JMD2,000 for a taxi. This equates to JMD27,000/mo (US$150/mo).

Medications currently cost JMD6,000/mo (US$40/mo)


Freddie's feeding tube has to be replaced once every two weeks which requires an x-ray at a cost of JMD6,000/mo (US$40/mo) 

Specialist care includes a US$300 charge to complete a biopsy done at a lab in the USA. 

Nutritional Needs

Fruits, vegetables, protein shake

Freddie's illness prevents him from eating solid foods. 

His daughter Winsome is feeding Freddie protein shakes to try to make him gain weight and fruits and vegetables mixed in a blender and then strained for nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables cost JMD5,000 per week and transportation costs JMD2,000 each week. This equates to JMD28,000 (US$200/mo).

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