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Locale On Air

The On Air listening booth at Locale is a gallery of curated Jamaican music experiences like no other. Made possible by Jamaica Nice., you can explore our dubplate culture, enjoy the legendary contributions of Alpha Boys School alumni or catch up on new releases.

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ABSR was launched in 2013 with support from WXGR LP Dover (New Hampshire, USA) and Gritty, LLC, a non-profit led by Michael Wadleigh, Oscar-winner for the 1970 music documentary "Woodstock". Every song on ABSR includes at least one performer or producer who is an Alpha 'old boy', also called an Alpharian. For a short list of Alpharians known for their music click here.


Now called the Alpha School of Music, the music programme at 26 South Camp Road is over 100 years old. It was started by the Religious Sistesr of Mercy, a Roman Catholic order of who nuns who arrived in Jamaica in 1890 to help with the operations at Alpha Cottage, a home for at-risk and homeless boys and girls. Still operated by the same order of nunds and located on the same property as where Yellowman, Dizzy Reece, Leroy Smart, Johnny Osbourne and so many others learned their craft, Alpha continues to push the boundaries of music education. A celebration and a testament to the contributions of the Alpha music community, Alpha Boys School Radio is also a learning platform for current students.

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